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Basic Volumizer

The Basic Volumizer is designed to integrate with the client’s natural hair through the base without causing damage. Additionally, the Basic Volumizer is equipped with non-damaging, aluminum-coated, round-edged connection points for easy installation and to keep the system from moving. The client can wear the Volumizer for four to five weeks before they will need to return for a re-set. 

The benefits of the Basic Volumizer are:

  • The system is non-damaging, non-invasive

  • Requires no chemicals, glues, or adhesives

  • No shaving of the head is required

Unique Features

The Basic Volumizer is 100% hand-tied in a double split knot throughout the interior to create the lift needed to allow the hair to move in any direction. Hair along the perimeter is tied in a double flat knot to blend with the client’s own hair. Looks and feels totally natural, and clients won’t have to worry about water being trapped underneath.

For women with fine and thinning hair who are looking for a wearable solution to provide volume and coverage to the top of the head.

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