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Hair Definitions + Their Meanings

What Is 'temple' human hair?

The best hair is Virgin Temple Human Hair. It is sourced from temples and the religious practice of offering hair to the God's as a thank you for wishes placed and has been a tradition for many years. It also means that the hair is pure and has not ever been treated with hair color or chemicals.

What does 'ethically sourced' mean?

Ethical sourcing of human hair is in keeping with traditions associated with human hair exportation in association with temple rituals. This means that the hair was cut from one person by cutting off the ponytail, hence all the hair is coming from one person and the hair is pure and handled in a sanitary manner.

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What is the difference between 'cuticle' and 'non-cuticle' hair?

Non-cuticle process is where the cuticle is stripped off by use of strong chemicals. After the hair is processed, bleached, colored, and, in some cases, re-texturized, it is coated with silicone to make the hair appear shiny and smooth. However, after about 15 shampooing's the silicone wears off, and, at that point, the hair is very rough. Because there is no silicone left to seal in hair the color fades quickly. Because it is the cuticle that reflects light when the cuticle is removed, and the silicone is worn off, the hair will naturally appear dull. Non-cuticle hair can be less expensive than cuticle hair but doesn’t usually last as long.

Cuticle hair is where the hair cuticle is left intact and is not damaged during the coloring or re-texturizing process. Cuticle hair is the most sought-after hair because it is the most natural healthy hair. Cuticle hair is soft to the touch, has a healthy natural shine, and holds color and texture longer. When maintained properly, cuticle hair can last much longer than non-cuticle hair.

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