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Invisible Part Volumizer

For women who no longer have enough hair to integrate through a system because of severe thinning in the bang or part areas.

The Invisible Part Volumizer system is connected underneath using non-damaging, round-edged, aluminum-coated connection points to secure the system from moving. This allows the client to wear the Volumizer four to five weeks, night and day, before returning for a re-set appointment. The base of the Invisible Part Volumizer is weightless and breathable, and you won’t have to worry about water getting trapped underneath. Clients who suffer from a hair loss condition or have thinning hair in their part or bangs love how this system feels like a part of them from the moment it is installed.


  • Non-damaging and non-invasive

  • Requires no chemicals, glues, or adhesives

  • No shaving of the head is required


Unique Factor


The part is made of a see-through monofilament that allows the natural color of the client’s scalp to show through, allowing for a perfect skin tone match.

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