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About Us

Introducing the Management Team

Sue Hanson // Founder, CEO, President

Sue Hanson has more than 40 years of experience focused mainly in the professional beauty industry, from administration, marketing and sales to education and product development for top leadership in both national and international markets.


Starting out as a licensed cosmetologist, Sue quickly became the owner and operator of a chain of nine beauty salons and a beauty school throughout Iowa and Wisconsin. She then went on to become a platform artist for many of the top perm and hair color companies in the nation.

​This experience then led Sue to a 15-year partnership with a leading international beauty company. Throughout the 15 years, there were two company acquisitions of the original parent company, Zotos. Conair acquired Zotos, then Shiseido acquired Conair. Sue worked her way up the ranks from Director of Education and Chain Accounts, to Vice-President of Elite Division, to Group Vice-President/Elite Brands Worldwide.


Sue then developed a start-up company, which developed hair treatments and retail products sold to the beauty industry. As President/CEO, she was responsible for developing all the products, packaging, and marketing – from conception to execution – and was in charge of all aspects of the company from administration to education.

​Before joining Evolve, Sue utilized all of her previous leadership and visionary experience and worked as a consultant, specializing in international marketing and product development for a range of products.

​“My mission is to elevate the art of hair restoration and hair enhancement to assist salons in increasing their profit-margins and help women in the hair loss category who’ve been overlooked and neglected. I seek to do this by building a phenomenal organization of quality people who are as passionate as I am about building the category of hair loss and hair restoration. To accomplish this by developing a full panacea of the best natural products available.”

Johnny Plant // Artistic Director

Johnny Plant was appointed the Artistic Director for Evolve in 2014. He is personally responsible for designing Evolve Extensions+ and developing, along with his team, the E5 hair cutting system.

​Johnny is a respected leader and innovator, and he has served on many artistic teams for leading manufacturers throughout his career in the beauty industry. He has also appeared in major shows in the US, Canada, and Europe. Additionally, his photo work has appeared in many consumer and trade magazines.


​Johnny belongs to many top professional organizations, including Intercoiffure, and is thought by many of his peers to be an artistic genius. He also demonstrated these skills for several years when he served as the Texas State Artistic Director.


​Johnny and his wife, Carolyn, own the Plant’s Salon in Amarillo TX.


​“My mission is to develop, expand, and share the artistry and craftsmanship of the professional beauty industry to aid women with fine and thinning hair issues.”

Ann Shultz // Creative Director

Ann Shultz has been with Evolve since its inception, and is currently Evolve’s Creative Director responsible for brand imaging, overseeing the Evolve website, e-commerce, and managing Constant Contact communications.

​Ann holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in advertising from UW-Whitewater. She has more than 25 years of experience, and she hs a keen marketing sense with distinctive designs to create attention-getting, targeted solutions.

​Before coming to Evolve, Ann worked with clients throughout the United States in a variety of industries, from service to manufacturing, beauty to communications, and numerous non-profits and trade associations.


Ann spends most of her time developing brand recognition through product/marketing materials, as well as through Evolve’s website. She, along with Sue Hanson, also work on long-term planning and the vision of Evolve.

​“My mission is to visually show, both our stylists and our consumers, the passion and life-changing experience that we bring through Evolve.”

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