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About Us

Introducing the Evolve Team

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Sue Hanson has more than 50 years of experience in the professional beauty industry as a stylist, salon owner, school owner, educator, platform artist, and executive for well-known manufacturers. She has also founded two companies in the professional beauty industry.

Starting out as a licensed cosmetologist, in the early days she taught trend classes around the state for Iowa for NHCA and judged competitions in several states. Sue became the owner and operator of a chain of nine beauty salons and a beauty school throughout Iowa and Wisconsin.

In the 1970’s she performed as an educator for Roux Color and trained with and worked in conjunction as a member of Robert Farwick’s hair surgeon designers.

This experience then led to two years of consulting and working for Zotos; 15-years for Conair and Shiseido. Sue worked her way up the ranks from Regional Education Manager, Director of Education, Director of Chain Accounts, Vice-President of Sales, Marketing and Education Elite Division, and Group Vice-President/Elite Brands Worldwide. She received the founders award and was recognized six times for exceeding corporate goals.

Sue served as Founder, President, and CEO of Anasazi, a professional shampoo, conditioning and treatment line. She worked in all business aspects and was responsible for building leadership teams, developing all the products, packaging, and marketing – from conception to execution.

Since 2009 Sue has worked to launch and build Evolve Hair Solutions, a state-of-the-art solution for women with fine and thinning hair. Evolve's products are non-damaging, non-invasive, requires no heat, tape, or adhesive, along with matching extensions. She serves as President and CEO at present.

"My mission is to elevate the art of hair restoration and hair enhancement to assist salons in increasing their profit-margins and help women in the hair loss category who've been overlooked and neglected. I seek to do this by building a phenomenal organization of quality people who are as passionate as I am about building the category of hair loss and hair restoration. To accomplish this by developing a full panacea of the best natural products available." 




Johnny Plant was appointed the Artistic Director for Evolve in 2014. He is personally responsible for designing Evolve Extensions+ and developing, along with his team, the E5 hair cutting system.

Johnny is a respected leader and innovator, and he has served on many artistic teams for leading manufacturers throughout his career in the beauty industry. He has also appeared in major shows in the US, Canada, and Europe. Additionally, his photo work has appeared in many consumer and trade magazines.

Johnny belongs to many top professional organizations, including Intercoiffure, and is thought by many of his peers to be an artistic genius. He also demonstrated these skills for several years when he served as the Texas State Artistic Director.

Johnny and his wife, Carolyn, own the Plant's Salon in Amarillo TX.

"My mission is to develop, expand and share the artistry and craftsmanship of the professional beauty industry to aid women with fine and thinning hair issues."




Stacey Handel is a published author and public speaker on solutions for hair loss, a National Educator, and Certified Master with the American Hair Loss Council. 


Handel’s career spans over 40 years as a top hairstylist and makeover expert. Her entire career has focused on the betterment of women. Due to the dramatic increase of women experiencing thinning hair, her full-service salon introduced hair replacement services 12 years ago. Her salon provides private consultations, fittings, and Trichology services for women experiencing anything from the beginning stages of thinning hair to complete hair loss. They are the first salon in East Tennessee to offer Tricho-Test and Follicular Cell Analysis to provide a deeper insight into scalp and hair improvement, which can augment a medical diagnosis. Handel and her team specialize in 100% human hair solutions.


To provide the most beautiful result, the expert stylists cut, style, and add personalized color when desired to allow clients to feel like themselves, especially with hair loss. Handel is a published author and public speaker on solutions for hair loss, a National Educator, and Certified Master with the American Hair Loss Council. 

“I have a passion for creating beautiful hairstyles for women with compromised hair.” 




LuLu Benavidez is recognized as a leader, educator, entrepreneur, and innovator in today's beauty industry. With an intense dedication and a remarkable combination of creative and technical skills, LuLu has inspired thousands of her fellow professionals.

She has traveled throughout North America, Europe, and the Orient in quest of knowledge and has become an acclaimed international and dynamic platform artist. As the featured artist on the main stage for leading international beauty distributors, LuLu fully commits and freely shares her artistic imagination and unique creative insights with her peers. 


Such leading manufacturers have contracted her professional alignments as a platform artist combined with her conception and execution of total trend releases and development of technical systems such as Zoto's, Wella, and Matrix. Lulu's latest work was as an educator and platform artist with the Latino Fashion Group, and she is on the Artistic Council to Evolve Hair Solutions, a hair integration system.


As an entrepreneur, she owns and operates LuLu's The Salon and Day Spa, a 4200 sq ft operation on Galveston Island, and has developed her own hair and skincare line. 

LuLu's hair creations have appeared editorially in over sixty leading international fashion journal issues. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines, Modern Salon, Launchpad, Salon Plus, and the Latin publication, Vibra. The Salon was awarded the "Best Color Salon in the Southwest" in Elle Magazine and "The Best Full-Service Salon" in Galveston County. It was recognized among the top "200 fastest growing salons" in Salon Today magazine. Her salon has been awarded the Hispanic Heritage Business of the Year. The most recent honor bestowed to LuLu was the Henry B. Gonzales Award by Congressman Nick Lampson and being Women of the Year for the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce.

"Hairdresser to the Stars" as bestowed on her by the Galveston Opera House. LuLu's star list includes the B-52, Wilson Phillip, and Chef Robert Ervine. Finally, she was honored to do the 1st Lady's hair, Laura Bush, on her visit to Galveston to commission the USS Texas submarine.​




Glenn Milliet's education style brings both clear and concise details along with the basic and advanced concepts you'll need for your new successful salon skill.

At 25 Glenn entered the beauty industry opening his first salon just three months post cosmetology school with nothing but attitude. Within three years the business was generating six-figures. And then, he hit a wall. Although steady and profitable, sales became sluggish, and adjustments had to be made. 

Glenn quickly determined that although he was a good talker, he was not yet a good communicator. Immediately, he began studying the 'masters of communication', secured quality mentoring, recrafting his verbiage and delivery skills, and practiced relentlessly and then momentum began to take over.

Glenn brings this mastery to us as an Evolve spokesperson. With his knowledge of all Evolve products and techniques he curated as an Evolve certified stylist/salon, his experience is well-rounded, practical, and informative.

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Ann Shultz has been with Evolve since its inception and is currently Evolve's Creative Director responsible for brand imaging, overseeing the Evolve website, e-commerce and managing e-newsletter communication.

Ann holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in advertising. She has more than 25 years of experience with a keen marketing sense and distinctive designs to create attention-getting, targeted solutions.

Before joining Evolve, Ann worked with clients throughout the United States in a variety of industries, from service to manufacturing, beauty to communications, and numerous non-profits and trade associations.

Ann spends most of her time developing brand recognition through product/marketing material, as well as through Evolve's website. She, along with Sue Hanson, also work on long-range planning and the vision of Evolve.

"My mission is to visually show, both our stylists and consumers, the passion and life-changing experience that we bring through Evolve."

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