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Maintenance for the Volumizer & Extensions+ Easy Loops

We strive for an optimum wearing experience. The recommendations in this guide are made to help you achieve this, as well as feel confident about how to handle your Volumizer or Extensions + Easy Loops. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Evolve.

Daily Care

  • Brush at least two times a day and support the Volumizer with one hand while brushing with the other hand.

  • Do not use brushes with only steel, wooden, or plastic pins.


  • Brush out all tangles before cleansing.

  • Wet your hair under the shower with soft water pressure. Never cleanse the Volumizer upside down or in a sink.

  • Use a low-sulfate shampoo and conditioner on Volumizer hair.



  1. Disperse a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hands and rub them together.

  2. Apply shampoo gently, as close to the scalp as possible.

  3. Massage hair and scalp in small circles.

  4. Avoid aggressive rotation.

  5. If the shampoo does not foam the first time, do not apply more shampoo.

  6. Rinse the first round of shampoo thoroughly and then reapply a small amount of shampoo for a second cleansing.


  • Dispense a small amount of conditioner into the palms of your hands and emulsify.

  • Apply the conditioner onto your hair from the middle to the ends.

  • Comb the conditioner through your wet hair with your fingers.

  • Do not apply conditioner on or through the Volumizer base.

  • Finish by thoroughly rinsing the conditioner.

  • Blot your hair dry after rinsing. First with a cloth towel, then with paper towels.

  • Squeeze gently.

  • When excess water has been removed, begin brushing from ends to scalp.

Brushing + Styling

After Cleansing and Conditioning:

  • Brush your Volumizer into the desired shape and allow to dry naturally - or -

  • Dry your hair with a hairdryer and a diffuser. The diffuser will keep the natural movement of the hair, making sure it is not blown in all directions by the strong air flow.

  • Another option is to blow-dry the hair with the recommended flat bristle brush without the use of excessive tension on the Volumizer. Begin brushing and drying from the ends first, then proceed upwards.

  • Flat irons and heated rollers are allowed, but do not use a heat above 350°.

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